Group Leadership Transformation Program

Personal development drives professional transformation


Decades of experience and research with our clients has taught us that successful leaders open themselves to growth, expansion and evolution on every step of their journey.  But not all leaders embrace change initially- in fact, they may actively resist the process, choosing to keep their personal experiences, stories, and struggles locked in the vault, safeguarding their professional worlds.

Except, that’s not what happens.  It’s all interconnected.

If the following statements resonate, you are EXACTLY the kind of leader that can benefit from our Group Leadership Transformation Program:

  • You are a warrior- someone who gets the job done, come Hell or high water
  • You feel as if your work requires you to shut off parts of yourself and you worry that by shutting off parts of yourself to excel professionally it might be limiting you personally
  • You notice that your armor gets in the way of opening up to and connecting with others on your team, and/or with those outside your team
  • Your work requires you to juggle a lot of different tasks and roles (and while you feel empowered by managing the juggling act, you’re also stressed by the pressure to keep all the balls in motion)
  • You sometimes wish you could just step away from it all to recharge

This 12-week program enables members to meet with our coaches weekly for 2 hours to shed limiting beliefs, circumstances and dynamics in order to step into authentic empowered, leadership.  The group model provides a shared deep dive, enhancing the level of support and creating vicarious learning as well.  Using our proprietary pillars, the Sage Wisdom Ways, you will learn to:

  • Open up rather than compartmentalize, freeing up energy to work more effectively and efficiently in the workplace. Working smarter means more time to enjoy life, friends and family.
  • Show up more authentically with others, which
    • Increases feelings of security and trust with your team, family and community
    • Enhances harmony and balance between your work and your relationships
    • Improves motivation of others to serve you

With fewer balls to juggle, you’ll have more time and energy to enjoy the life you’ve achieved!

  • Positively impact those around you: your increased personal and professional satisfaction will engage your team, family and community to follow your lead to greater success and bliss.
  • Ignite a passion: Your professional mission becomes a MOVEMENT!

As you surrender your armor, you will embrace your inner wisdom and experience clearer vision, improved harmony and intuitively-driven leadership.

The Group Leadership Transformation Program includes

TOTAL VALUE: of this program is $15,400+ but available to you now for only $9997! Or, if it’s easier, you can pay (4) payments of $2797 (first payment due upon enrollment, and the remainder paid by monthly installments).


Fast Action BONUS: 30-minute calibration session to jumpstart your journey!