My Story

While my life had all the trappings of being ever so perfect, looks were really quite deceiving. No one knew the secrets I was hiding and I fought hard to keep it that way. Within my vault was a world which few people knew, and which I strove to keep others from detecting. I knew in my heart that I was different and I feared that if others knew the real me, they’d leave me. To protect myself, I devoted all my time and energy to creating the perfect mask and uniform to look just like everyone else, attending all the right schools, choosing the safe career, and acquiring all the right degrees and licenses. It worked until I realized that shackled by the mask, I would never soar.

After a few rounds of Divine 2 x 4 therapy I shed the armor and transformed my life.

I was born clairvoyant and hid that for a lot of years. As I developed my transformative coaching practice, I realized that by allowing my strategies and interventions to be guided by my intuition, my clients achieved faster and more intense breakthroughs than ever before. I learned to listen at deeper levels than I had previously, enabling me to better detect and understand the obstacles that stood in the way of my clients’ success. As that clarity improved, so, too, did my ability to help my clients break through those barriers to personal and professional freedom.

A youth filled with abuse, trauma, loss and a paralyzing injury taught me survival skills. Breaking free from the story defined by those memories helped me develop the tools to THRIVE! ​

If you’re interested in breaking through in order to live a happier, healthier and more productive life, join me. Come learn to play your edge!

Carpe diem!

My Mission

Guiding my clients through the process of deepening their relationship with self, Source and others, and by uncovering limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, detrimental relationships and counterproductive circumstances, they can respect their choices, then let go of all that stands in their way.  With gratitude for all of the stages of their journey, we build a healthy new foundation from which they can successfully launch.